4 Ways Black Urea® Delivers More Nutrients to Your Crop – For Longer

What is the Black Urea Difference?

You spend up big on granular urea fertilisers. You have to. Yet science tells us that up to three quarters of the Nitrogen that drives growth, yield and profit actually never reaches your crops. Using Black Urea ® up to 30% more Nitrogen reaches your crops.

So what happens to rest of your Nitrogen when you use ordinary Urea? Some of it simply evaporates into the air. More is consumed by natural microbes. Finally, a large portion disappears through leaching and run-off into creeks and waterways. Leaving little to be actually absorbed by your cops to promote growth.

How can Black Urea ® deliver more nutrients to your crop for longer?

  1. Leaching Resistance: Black Urea ® works by engaging a high ion exchange coating to capture ammonium ions thereby resisting the change back to ammonia gas (volatilisation)
  2. Longer-lasting Bonds: The bio-stimulants incorporated in the coating formulae stimulate heterotrophic bacteria to consume the nitrogen, out-competing nitrifying bacteria (that convert it to nitrate) and thereby reducing leaching/runoff
  3. Controlled Nitrogen Release: Soil microbiology then stores the nitrogen in a biological form, once an active rhizosphere (root zone) is developed by the plant, the usual nitrogen cycle continues recycling the nitrogen to plant available forms
  4. Healthier Soil Biology: The coating contains bio-catalysts that promote the growth of microbial communities that store nutrients for your crops

Below is a comparison graph comparing the Nitrogen remaining in soil after using Black Urea ® and Ordinary Urea.

Black Urea vs. Ordinary Urea Nitrogen Remaining in soil

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