Black DAP™


Black Dap™ 18-20-0-2 helps you to boost phosphorous soil penetration, mobility and plant uptake.

Many fertilisers claim to increase farmer profits by raising growth and crop productivity. Too often, the natural variability of farming can bring promises like this to zero.

Australian soils are notoriously deficient in Phosphorous. Farmers lose as much as 70% of the phosphorous they apply to their crops when they use normal granular varieties.

This inflates growing costs and reduces yields.

Black DAP is a unique, phosphorous-enhanced biocatalyst-coated granular urea that boosts phosphorous delivery and utilisation for more efficient plant growth with less energy.

This blend of proprietary carbon biocatalysts — including technical organic acids, fulvic and ulmic acid, amino acids, melanins, peptides and polysaccharides — boosts phosphorous soil penetration, mobility and plant uptake.

This helps eliminate Phosphorous deficiency that can retard crop growth, and boosts the long-term sustained availability for the growing cycle.

Your Results

  • Improves nitrogen use efficiency
  • Lowers fertiliser wastage and run-off
  • Cuts input costs and maximises ROI
  • Improves yield on low-fertility soils