All of your solutions to maximising your farm profits and minimising losses in the one place.

How can we help?

At EcoCatalysts we understand it's not about an individual product, it's about offering you a solution for continuous improvement to your issues. Through our Advanced Nutrients and Black Fertiliser brands, we can offer you that solution utilising proven scientific technology of Carbon Bio-Catalysts and plant Bio-Stimulants. Our technology creates Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers that, together with our expertise, helps you to understand sustainable plant nutrition and soil fertility management. We are here to help you maximise profits and minimise losses.

Black Urea Granules

Providing Solutions For:

Plant Health

Using bio-stimulants that are known to improve plant growth with targeted nutrients, we significantly improve plant health by providing a relief in abiotic and biotic stress. 

Fertiliser Use Efficiency

Our Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers are specifically designed to improve the uptake of NPK and trace element fertilisers cutting your input costs and increasing efficiency to maximise your output.

Soil Fertility

Our products promote soil structure, disease resistance and water holding capacity. We support you with ongoing crop and soil monitoring and testing.


Our strategy towards salinity issues is to “remove, replace and protect”. This means salinity will no longer be a recurring issue for you.

Nutrient Run-off

Through improved soil fertility and effective nutrient use, more nutrients stay in your soil. Our Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers are the first simple step to reducing your losses via nutrient run-off.