Plant Health

Conventionally, plant health is controlled by the use of chemical biocides. This solution alone can have adverse effects on waterways, animals or the wider environment through uncontrolled chemical drift. 

Stimulating plant immunity and resistance responses through the use of  bio-stimulants and nutrients can improve the efficiency of plant production.


Our Solution

Using bio-stimulants that are known to improve plant growth with targeted nutrients, we significantly improve plant health by providing a relief in abiotic and biotic stress. Our bio-stimulants are effective in the extreme weather conditions which regularly impact Australian agriculture and provide rapid plant development.

What makes us different?

Our bio-stimulants are highly refined concentrates that when combined with each other have a significant synergistic effect that provides consistent, profitable results. 

Your Results

  • Increase nutrient use efficiency
  • Increase yield and quality
  • Add to and increase the efficiency of soluble powder and liquid fertilisers
  • Increase profits and crop return

Suitable for:

  • All crops and soils