Fish are constantly exposed to harmful bacteria such as Streptococcus during growout and leaving your farm exposed to these opportunistic pathogens can be extremely costly. Enhancing the immune response of your fish is imperative to ensuring the health and survival of your farm.

Our Solution:

PondToss is a specially designed probiotic that is developed with a specific combination of bacteria for aquaculture. Designed to boost fish health, improve immunity, outcompete pathogens and devour organic waste and sludge. 

What makes us different?

PondToss is a direct apply product that makes application easy and results consistent rather than a pond side incubation product which are inconsistent and easily contaminated. PondToss creates an immense colony of beneficial and desirable bacteria that dominate the biofloc community and outcompete pathogenic microorganisms through competitive exclusion. 

Your results:

  •  Increased survival and growth
  •  Increased yield and profit
  •  Improved health, immunity and water quality
  •  Reduced sludge and organic debris


  • PondToss