Crustaceans including prawn and marron are constantly exposed to harmful bacteria during growout. These harmful organisms can negatively impact survival rates, feed conversion and growth rates as well as increasing sludge and harmful ammonia, nitrite and nitrates which affect your water quality. All of which can be a costly expense on your farm.

Our Solution:

PondToss - a probiotic that is developed with a specific combination of bacteria for aquaculture. PondToss is designed to boost health, improve immunity, outcompete pathogens including vibrio in prawns and devour organic waste and sludge. 

PondToss Pail

What makes us different?

PondToss creates an immense colony of beneficial and desirable bacteria that dominate the biofloc community and outcompete pathogenic microorganisms through competitive exclusion. While pond side incubation products can be inconsistent and easily contaminated, PondToss is a direct apply product that makes application easy and results consistent. 

Most other probiotics available in the market only target disease, PondToss however, includes water quality microbes as well as probiotic organisms.

PondToss also reduces sludge and ammonia, with the beneficial bacteria consuming organic waste and uneaten food that leads to sludge, improving health, feed conversion rates and improving overall water quality.

Your Results:

  • Increased survival rates
  • Improved feed conversions
  • Increased growth rates
  • Reduced sludge
  • Reduced water exchange
  • Reduced ammonia