You’re Soils Health & The Tools Available

In modern agriculture there have been times through our industrial revolution that soil was forgotten and for many it was there just to hold a plant up. Even today, the debate continues on whether there is too much focus on developing plants on a GM level and not enough on soil health. The Driver of […]

Build Soil & Crop Health for Tomorrow – Today

We have been traveling across much of the East Coast and South Australia the last few weeks and viewing an array of crops at various growth stages.  There have been some areas that have experienced a considerable amount of rain and the soils remain very damp and others that would love to just get any. […]

Using Probiotics to reduce Vibrio risk in Prawn Farms

In much of the world, prawn production is affected by disease, particularly caused by Vibrio and/or other viruses. In many cases the use of antibiotics has been ineffective, or result in increases in virulence of pathogens. Probiotic technology provides a solution for these problems by adding selected bacterial species to displace the harmful bacteria (Moriarty, […]

Increase Profits and Decrease Costs with the Power of Probiotics

Farmers have experienced survival rates of up to 100% with increased growth rates ranging between 10% and 35%. Probiotics are just a fraction of your total production costs as shown in the chart below. Using probiotics will help reduce your cost of labour, feed and maintenance while increasing overall growth and survival of the animals […]