Congratulations – Cotton Growers of the Year

We thought we would take this opportunity to congratulate the winners of this year’s cotton grower of the year Brett Corish, Corish Management Pty Ltd, ‘Mundine’, Goondiwindi, Qld and AgriRisk High Achiever of the Year, Bernie Bierhoff, Farm Manager at Avondale Ag, Rowena, NSW

We have been lucky to work with Brett and Bernie for more than 15 years and it is great that they have been recognised by their industry. 

We first started working with Brett & Anna when they were at “Tundunna” in Mungindi. We then expanded to work across the all the Corish farms with both product and services, to working now on “Mundine” and “Yattlewondi” farms. Peter & Kerry Corish have long been a successful farming and business couple and have instilled this knowledge to their 3 boys, Brett, Simon and Nigel. 

Bernie has been working with the Harris family for many years under Bruce Harris and sons Rob and Ken and for the last couple of years Ken & Mandy Harris at Avondale Ag.  I was lucky enough to meet Bernie on his first week at the Harris’s and have seen him and his wife Colleen contribute to the local community and the farming industry ever since. 

Over the years we have trialled, tested and tested again to hone nutritional programs for the farms in conjunction with B&W Rural (Elders) and CGS Goondiwindi to achieve optimum outcomes. I have listed below their typical cropping programs, as they are not set in stone, as we all know each season can throw that curve ball.  But we are confident they are getting the desired results and that they did play a small role in helping Brett and Bernie these awards. 

A Summary of Their Cropping Programs

Each farm regularly soil test and undertake in crop petiole/tissue tests.  For several years we also undertook sap testing and in crop soil tests to assist us gauge the nutritional flows at different stages of the crops and times of the year.  

Both farms have over the years applied gypsum and manure at different stages.


  • Uses a combination of standard urea and Black Urea for nitrogen
  • Pre plants blend of MAP, urea and some years potash
  • Liquid injects Bang P, but we analyse soil moisture to aid in this decision.  Brett waters up.
  • Phosphorus and Zinc foliar – Advanced Gro-Phozearly in crop. Often adds to round-up sprays.
  • Apply foliar/s through squaring to pre flowering based on tissue tests. Often trace elements
  • In crop N as Black Urea
  • Undertakes potassium sprays using Advanced Komplete with Boron at first flower, through peak flower
  • On selected fields we will water run Calci-N (calcium nitrate with HP Fulvic Acid) to assist in sodium control, ensure better potassium uptake from soil and foliar, general pick up.


  • Pre plant application of Black Urea and DAP (potash added some seasons) prior to hilling.  Goal is to hold more N in the hill after first and second water.
  • Bang P and Advanced Zen liquid injected at planting
  • Early foliar zinc and phosphorus as either Bang P + Zen or Gro-Phoz with round-up.
  • Trace element foliar/s through squaring to pre flowering based on tissue tests. 
  • Spread Black Urea in crop – 2 applications
  • Large potassium program with Advanced Komplete from first flower through peak flower
  • At “Dundee” farm adds Enhance Max to buffer the high sodium in the water.  Water run Calci-N prior to potassium sprays.
  • Last season used C-Lift after hormone damage and heat stress.  Very pleased with results and will have on standby this season for similar situations.

Both growers run a very efficient cropping business and seem to have an uncanny ability for good timing.  We just offer some of tools and look forward to working with them and our resellers for the seasons ahead.   

If you would like more information on this or a similar approach for your farm, simply call us on 1800 20 009 or email