Why Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers?

Why should you choose Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers?

With the current cheap urea prices many are saying the answer to inefficient fertiliser use is just put more on.  The issue with this is creating a false economy. Urea will get dearer sooner or later as commodities go through their cycles.  In addition to this, the government will over time not allow such activities, as is the case already in different areas around the country. This is a good time to look into other solutions, including Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers.

If we take a look at where and what the focus of the Australian Fertiliser conference was: nutrient use efficiency. Also at a recent GRDC Nutrition day it was strongly suggested by the highly qualified scientists presenting it, that fertilising more efficiently is key.  Albeit it was noted using an Enhanced Efficiency Fertiliser in one of the trials worked well, but not economically.

This highlights two key points:

  1. Using an Enhanced Efficiency Fertiliser must be a consideration for farmers and their agronomists before governments demand it 
  2. When you use an Enhanced Efficiency Fertiliser make sure it actually is improving the efficiency – by the pure nature of Enhanced, you should see:  
    • Enhanced profits either by improved crop yield or quality which is over and above non-  enhanced fertiliser or
    • A decrease in input costs for the same results, giving you greater profits.

Only one Enhanced Efficiency Fertiliser on the market  can offer you both of these options.  Call us to find out more about how Black Urea® can enhance your profits today on 1800 207 009.

Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers