Nontox™ rapidly accelerates the remediation of petroleum hydrocarbon pollutants such as oil.

It stimulates the natural biological reactions that cause organic substances to decompose, breaking down hydrocarbons (such as TBH and BTEX) and volatile organic compounds into carbon dioxide and water.

It immediately eliminates the unpleasant, and potentially explosive, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that occur in petroleum spills — improving safety in confined spaces. 

And it precipitates toxic metals such as zinc and arsenic for easier clean-up.

NONTOX ™ outperforms all other remediation treatments


NONTOX™ performs equally well in soil and water, and does not contain any bacteria cultures or hazardous chemicals. It is non-hazardous to marine life and harmless to the environment.

It can be easily added to recirculation systems to treat contaminated groundwater, streams and ponds.

And because remediation can occur on-site, transport and dumping costs are reduced or even eliminated.

NONTOX™ is more cost-efficient.



NONTOX™ powerfully and effectively:

  • Accelerates hydrocarbon breakdown
  • Reduces vapour flammability and odour
  • Boosts microbiological populations
  • Precipitates metal contaminants for easier clean-up

In-the-field results

  • Expected 5% reduction in pollutants per day 
  • Faster hydrocarbon degradation than enzymatic or microbial alternatives

Major industrial uses:

  • Mining industry pollution
  • Oil and petroleum spills
  • Groundwater and pond contamination
  • Rock and beach clean-up


  • NONTOX™ is diluted and then applied as a spray to the contaminated soil, water or air.
  • Spray in-situ or ex-situ
  • Apply in enclosed treatment cells