Noxious gases

Noxious gases such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methane etc are responsible for odour and corrosion in wastewater infrastructure.

Odour removal wastewater & treatment plants

Odour removal wastewater & treatment plants

Our Solution:

We effectively eliminate your noxious gas issues by using a combination of aeration with microbubble technology, bio-catalytic breakdown and removal of bio-film. The effect of this is a highly aerobic environment and hostile environment for H2S forming bacteria within the pump station and surrounding reticulation system.

What makes us different?

  • Whole system corrosion protection
  • We prevent H2S instead of simply curing the issue
  • Treatment plant receives improved effluent
  • We offer a permanent solution by removing the bio-film
  • Don’t create downstream sludge problems

Your Results:

  • Increased dissolved oxygen through microbubble technology
  • Eliminate noxious gases
  • Reduce maintenance costs and improve asset protection

Industries this is suitable for:

  • Sewerage Treatment Plant
  • Underground Mine Sites
  • Sewerage Reticulation Systems


OH&S statement

Our solution will assist your OH&S risk by

  • Reducing the frequency of needs operators to access the pump station
  • Removing explosion hazard
  • Removing toxic gases which are harmful to operators and the public