Get Great Fruit

Accelerate Maturation

For Vineyard and orchard owners or managers it is getting close to harvest.  Getting the best quality and yields is paramount and many growers are asking about the different options for increasing the maturation of vineyard blocks and trees. The question is, how can they accelerate improvements in colour, sugar and phenolic levels?

The last 30-40 days prior to harvest is when sugar content begins to ramp up in the fruit. After the peak of sugar content, further increases in brix are mostly due to moisture loss. Sugar-to-acid ratios start to decline as well. In grapes this may be acceptable in wine grapes but not table grapes.

During this period improvement in overall plant health can be of significant benefit. A stimulation of soil biology and health can help the vine and trees process nutrients and trace elements faster and more efficiently. An easy and cost effective option is to apply soil stimulation products such as Enhance Max or C-Lift via fertigation.

These products will help crops build sugars during this sugar loading period by reducing tree and vine stress.  Stressed plants produce less sugar as they actually shut down transpiration for a few hours, typically late in the day, during peak stress events like max fruit load or heat stress.

High quality broad-spectrum bio stimulants are designed as stress relievers and are well documented to increase a plants’ tolerance to stress. Their ingredients include plant growth regulators, proteins, amino acids, enzymes, and other complex organic compounds, which are immediately plant available and the building blocks for fruit flavour and colour.

Simply by incorporating these products via fertigation offer great versatility and positive short term and long term results. In addition, C-Lift is a synergist for nutrients and other materials like fungicides, helping to improve product performance when used in combination. C-Lift is also applied as foliar spray.