Rain, Opportunity and Diversification

With rain comes opportunity for increased production and diversification.  Some sectors of the farming world have current pricing opportunities rarely seen. Chickpea pricing and continued strong beef prices are two that stand out and offer great opportunity for many farmers.  For some this has given the opportunity to diversify their cropping programs to take advantage of such prices.

It’s obviously not that simple for many to just change crops, but it does bring a good point forward; diversification is quite important in any business and many say more important in agriculture to ensure opportunities can be taken if climatic conditions are suitable.



The opportunity for a chickpea grower is to now ensure they squeeze as much as possible from the crop to get the highest return possible per hectare.  Disease control and nutrition are both crucial to achieve this.  A healthy crop not limited by nutrient will give growers the best return.  At $800 – $900 per tonne price gives grower the opportunity to ensure nutrition is right, but growers must be sure to test and use the right products to take full advantage of this.  As a small input cost of the right product at the right time will give growers the added output that both the rain and price has offered them.

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