Let’s Help Your Plants through the Heat

Helping your crops through the heat

Summer is hitting hard as normal with Hot and Hotter weather. When crops are under stress, including heat stress, they become less efficient in processing nutrients as their metabolism (photosynthesis, respiration, and the synthesis and degradation of organic compounds) slows down.

So what can we do to help crops through this stressful time?

There are a number of actions we can take. If irrigated than timing is very important, but even with water there are key issues to ensure you are getting the most from the watering in heat stressed crops, which are also valid for non-irrigated crops.

Calcium & Sodium

Ensuring calcium levels are high and available to your crops, especially if you have excess sodium is critically important.  We mentioned in an earlier blog that “the higher the sodium and the higher the need for calcium”.  A build-up of salts in the soil interferes with water and nutrient uptake by plants because of osmotic effects (i.e. high concentrations of salts in the soil make the soil water less available for plant uptake). So utilising products such as Bang CalciN and Liqua-Jip with your water will increase the calcium, assist to buffer excess sodium and make water more available to your crop.

Soil Biology

Increasing soil biological activity is another good action to help a crop through heat stress.  Adding Enhance Max – a complete concentrate of bio-organic catalysts (humate derivatives, vitamins, mineral and non-ionic surfactants) to your soil via irrigation water is an efficient and cost effective way to improve soil biology. It has properties that increases microbial activity in the soil, which makes it easier for the plant to synthesize nutrients and maintain plant structure.


In times of heat stress foliar application of the right mineral mix and trace elements can be a game changer due to such a quick response.  Plants can take in nourishment through the pores or stomata on their leaf surfaces. Plants transport nutrients more efficiently through their leaves (foliar sprays) than root systems, and when plants are metabolically in decline because of heat stress an excellent way to revive them is through mineral, bio-stimulant based foliar fertilisers composed of a host of macro and micro nutrients.

Given the evolution of plants, it’s not surprising that sea minerals provide most elements needed to prevent deficiencies and bolster plant functions. EcoCatalysts offers a product C-Lift, a highly concentrated broad-spectrum organic complex solution that provides plant nutrients in an organic form; promotes nutrient cycling in the soil and increases plant physiological activity.  You also have the option of added macro and trace elements that supply critical co-factors for enzyme formation. The benefits of seaweed, fish and fulvic (organic) acids are numerous and include helping plants uptake water and nutrients in stressful times.

Potassium also contributes to the survival of plants exposed to various biotic and abiotic (i.e: high temperatures) stresses. So adding Komplete – 5-15-35 + Bio-organic Catalysts and C-Lift you have a potent tool to combatting heat stress.

It is important to note that any foliar sprays need to be applied in the coolest part of the day or early morning.

The challenge of heat stress are numerous, but by being proactive you have the ability to assist your plants handle it as best as possible.

Things to remember:

  • Think calcium, especially if sodium is high
  • A foliar stress reliever such as C-Lift and added trace and macro elements, especially potassium with Komplete
  • Foliar sprays need to be applied in the coolest part of the day or early morning
  • If possible increase soil biological activity with Enhance Max