Nutrition News

We are now seeing the cotton crops really get a move on.  With many having tight internodes in early growth, the plants now are really stretching out.  This is putting added pressure on plants to maintain enough nutrition during these strong growth periods. 

Potassium is key to maintaining nutrition and what we are seeing now in the fields is low potassium and trace element pressure.

Our Tip:  Maintain good potassium levels with a high quality, high analysis potassium foliar. Try and stay away from Nitrates at this stage of reproductive growth and look at a K, P and a little N as urea in the mix. So why use urea? Urea has no charge and can be taken into the plant easier and drags other nutrients with it. Additionally, use a product with an added bio-stimulant and your results from the foliar will be even better.
We often add boron with our K foliars to increase the plants ability to reduce boll drop. Boron is extremely important for stem strength.

There is another key tip to get even better results from foliars! Call us to find out,  as if your not doing it, it could be costing you.

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