Quality Is Just Expected

Consumers Expect Quality Fruit and Vegetables

Recently I attended the AusVeg conference and one panel discussion was with two of the supermarket chains managers and a researcher.  The key point that each of them made was their customers demanded quality fruit and vegetables. Secondly consumers want transparency and traceability of where and how the fruit or vegetable was grown.

A few weeks later, I was at the Cotton Conference where a representative from Nike, H&M and Target were on a discussion panel. Again quality and traceability of where and how the cotton was grown is needed for them to actually buy.  In both discussions the question was asked would the consumer pay for this quality and traceability. Both answers were simply no. Why is this?  The consumer just expects it today as normal practice.  This offers a challenge or an opportunity for farmers. It is how you look at it that will determine that for you.  As a business we see it as an opportunity for farmers on a number of levels and nutrition is where big changes can happen for you.

Much of the past has been simple, base fertilisation that for most parts worked well on yield but not so great on quality fruit and vegetables. Just using products that assist to achieve quality were often complicated and let farmers down on yield.  So what is the answer? Combine the best of both worlds through broad-spectrum bio stimulants with high analysis in-organics fertilisers to produce Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers and fertiliser programs.

We would welcome the chance to chat with you about how we can assist you lift your quality and not sacrifice yield. We can help you be a leader for transparency and traceability to your customer, the consumer.

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