The All Too Familiar Situation

We are currently seeing the dairy industry trying to cope with prices being slashed and from what has been reported on Sky News, some have to back pay money back to a company.

It is a scenario all too familiar in the farming sector.  Banana growers and other growers in different sectors are also going through a tough period of prices below production costs.  The government, as they do, look at a band aid solution, but is it time for a much broader, long term look at these issues?  As a farming nation we seem very divided into separate industries and groups, which on a day to day basis works, but from a national point is this working?

question mark

Are the dairy, banana and other growers working together to limit such situations in the future? Are the national farming bodies doing enough to at least make the greater population understand and appreciate such situations and how the farming sector works? Are the Nationals, who are supposed to represent regional Australia doing their job (that one is easy – NO!). Are we really marketing Australia and our produce well to our own metropolitan areas and around the world or are we relying on corporate companies to do that for us and suffering the consequences?

These are just some of the questions that need to be asked and more importantly answered.