Using Probiotics to reduce Vibrio risk in Prawn Farms

In much of the world, prawn production is affected by disease, particularly caused by Vibrio and/or other viruses. In many cases the use of antibiotics has been ineffective, or result in increases in virulence of pathogens. Probiotic technology provides a solution for these problems by adding selected bacterial species to displace the harmful bacteria (Moriarty, D).

What are the Signs of Vibrio?

  • High to severe mortalities
  • Reduced feeding, absence of fecal strands
  • Bacterial colonisation of cuticle, appendages, oral region, HP, gut
  • Enteric or systemic invasion

What are the benefits of using Probiotics?

  • Beneficial bacteria displaces the pathogens by competitive exclusion
  • Enhance immune response
  • Improve overall water quality
  • Devour organic sludge and waste

How PondToss™ works to reduce Vibrio risk:

A proper application of PondToss™ creates an immense colony of beneficial and desirable bacteria that dominate the biofloc community and out compete pathogenic microorganisms through competitive exclusion.

PondToss Probiotics


Reference: David J. W. Moriarty “Disease Control in Shrimp Aquaculture with Probiotic Bacteria”