About EcoCatalysts

EcoCatalysts has been bringing break-through, sustainable technologies to Australasia, Africa, USA and Europe since 1996.

We provide superior, market leading solutions within the Agriculture, and Environmental industries both within Australia and internationally. With extensive local and global knowledge within these industries we offer solutions which are underpinned by scientifically and commercially proven results for you and your business.

We specialize in: Bio-Organic Catalysts (BOC’s) – organic liquids classified as Organocatalyst’s. Our Organocatalyst Technology are highly concentrated liquids that are non-toxic, non corrosive, non hazardous and are a superior formulation used in combination with quality aeration equipment to reduce energy consumption, sludge reduction, eliminate FOG’s, odour and greenhouse gases.  Our solutions are a cost-effective alternative to the caustic chemicals currently used by government and industry.

By utilising proven scientific technology of Carbon Organic Catalysts and Broad Spectrum Bio-Stimulants as standalone products and also combining these with conventional NPK and trace element fertilisers we create leading Enhanced Efficient Fertilisers. Together with the expertise to help farmers understand sustainable plant nutrition management, we offer key solutions to increase the productivity of soils, crops and animals.

Our high performance energy efficient aeration systems in combination with anoxic microorganisms which rapidly consume sludge create superior water environments for lakes, ponds, dams and water ways. Allowing them to thrive and become clear, crisp water ways by reducing excess Ammonia, Nitrates, Phosphates and Sludge.

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