Our Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers are specifically designed to improve the uptake of NPK and trace element fertilisers cutting your input costs and significantly increasing efficiency to maximise your output. 


About our Products

The key to our quality Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers is combining the best technology of both the chemical fertilisers and Bio-catalysts/Bio-stimulants, in the right ratios, ensuring consistent results across a full range of crops, soil types and climatic conditions. Our range of granular and liquid fertilisers are designed to maximise your profits and minimise your input costs.

Our Product Range

Black Fertilisers

Black Urea® and Black DAP™ are your answer to greater Fertiliser Use Efficiency. Their patented carbon coating provides powerful chemical, biological and physical benefits over ordinary urea and DAP, they are the leaders in Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers. 

Advanced Liquids

We provide a unique range of liquid fertilisers using our bio-catalyst technology that give you a wide range of benefits from greater nutrient penetration, mobility to increased crop uptake.


Our bio-stimulants are designed to improve plant growth with targeted nutrients. We significantly improve your plant health by providing a relief in abiotic stress and biotic stress.

Product to Chemical Compatibility

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