advanced liquids

Providing you with proven liquid fertiliser options which are suitable for all soil and plant nutrition deficiencies.

Advanced Liquids Range


Specially formulated, enhanced efficient concentrated liquid phosphorous solution that increases available soil phosphate by 30% to a depth of 45 centimetres

Bang CalciN™

Delivers exceptional calcium and nitrogen absorption into your soil and crops and assists in reducing the incidence of leaf burn. 


A unique tool in any cropping situation offering a complete solution where phosphorus, potassium and calcium are low.


A highly effective liquid source of zinc, phosphorus and organic catalysts for the correction of deficiencies and maintenance.


Contains more potassium so you can reduce costs while achieving the same (or better) growth, yield and crop quality.


A highly effective trace element source, complexed with organic catalysts


The ideal form of zinc for soil application with the added boost of nitrogen and can also be foliar applied.


Designed to provide you a safe, soluble and reliable form of calcium ion that is made more available for plant uptake.

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