bang p


Bang P (13-19-0-0) helps you to increase available soil phosphat.

BANG P™ is a specially formulated, enhanced efficient concentrated liquid phosphorous solution that increases available soil phosphate by 30% to a depth of 45 centimetres.

Bang P has three key traits:

  1. Improves phosphorous penetration,
  2. Minimises conversion to insoluble forms and;
  3. Boosts plant uptake efficiency.

First, the liquid form enables deeper, wider soil penetration than granular phosphates to reach more of the crop root system.

Plus, a unique blend of short-term (Orthophosphate) and extended-release (Polyphosphate) phosphates that steadily deliver soluble phosphates at a rate that doesn’t exceed your crop’s ability to absorb them.

Finally, organic catalysts bind with the phosphate to reduce insoluble phosphate “tie-up” and increase long-term soluble-form availability for sustained uptake by crop roots and foliage.

That’s why BANG P™ is rapidly becoming the first choice in choice liquid-inject fertilisers for any crop on phosphate-retentive soils.

Your Results

  • Reduces tie-up in phosphate-retentive soils with high or low pH, or that are high in Iron or Aluminium
  • Accurately places Phosphorous and Nitrogen at planting for improved germination, larger root systems and greater crop vigour
  • Uses carbon bio-catalyst technology to improve phosphate penetration and mobility for increased and sustained crop nutrient uptake