5-15-35-0 + Bio-Organic Catalysts

Komplete™ 5-15-35-0 + Bio-Organic catalysts is specially designed to improve overall plant metabolism. 

When you pay for liquid fertiliser, you shouldn’t pay good money to spray what’s little more than water on your crops. Yet some potassium liquid concentrates contain as little as 10% nutrients — and as much as 90% water. Others are full of nitrates that your crops no longer need, and which just leach into the environment (or, ironically feeds your weeds).

Komplete™ is 55% nutrients — up to 60% more nutrients than other liquid fertilisers.

Maximum nutrients enable you to apply less and transport less than its competitors while increasing yield and quality.

Its Potassium concentrate is balanced with phosphate for energy, as well as urea and organic biocatalysts that bind the nutrients to the soil, prevent leaching and drive more efficient uptake and growth.

Potassium is a key element for your crops before and during flowering. It fuels photosynthesis and protein synthesis, maintains nutrient balance and promotes water-use, and transports and activates more than 60 enzymes found in plant growth.

Komplete™ contains more potassium so you can reduce costs while achieving the same (or better) growth, yield and crop quality.

Your Results

  • Lowers cost per hectare
  • Reduces transportation costs
  • Cuts total application time
  • Reduces nutrient wastage
  • Boosts uptake, yield and quality