Providing you with highly refined concentrates that when combined with each other create unique broad spectrum products.

Bio-Stimulants Range


Penmax® is a true non ionic penetrant. It moves water horizontally and vertically flushing salts from roots. 


Highly concentrated organic complex that promotes nutrient cycling and increases plant physiological activity. 

HP Fulvic Acid™

Improves the chemical reactions that influence a plants metabolic processes.

Enhance Max™

Boosts crop uptake, stabilises soil nutrient levels and delivers equal or better yield at lower cost per production unit. 

Enhance THA™

Improves physical characteristics of soil such as crumb structure, drainage, and aeration that affects the movement and availability of water and nutrients. 

Afrikelp® LG-1

The only kelp product to guarantee 11 mg/L auxins, every batch tested – consistent level and consistent results. 


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