C-Lift™ 6-0.2-1-0 helps you to improve your crops nutrient uptake, yield and quality.

C-Lift™ is a highly concentrated organic complex that provides plants nutrients in naturally occurring forms, promotes nutrient cycling in the soil and increase plant physiological activity. 

Replacing three separate products (fish, kelp, fulvic acid) to get such an organic complex, C-Lift ™ offers one easy to use product that will deliver consistently greater crop economies. 

Used as a standalone product or mix with your soluble powders to improve nutrient uptake, yield and quality. 

Your Results

  • Increases nutrient use efficiency
  • Increases yield & quality
  • Adds to & increases the efficiency of soluble powders
  • Increases profits & crop returns
  • Deceases plant physiological stress
  • A clean free flowing liquid that will keep booms, sprinklers and drip lines free of blockages