enhance max™


Enhance Max™ 0-0-2-0 is your solution to boosting your crop uptake.

Rising product costs continually put growers under pressure, making it ever-harder to sustain a profit. While many “miracle” biostimulants come with big promises, most fail in the field. 

Enhance Max™ is an organic bio-stimulant /bio-catalyst that finally delivers – boosting crop uptake, stabilising soil nutrient levels and delivering equal or better yield at lower cost per production unit. 

Your Results

  • Improves nitrogen stability in GAS, UAN, liquid & granular urea
  • Complexes nutrients with organic compounds
  • Increase plant membrane permeability for better nutrient uptake
  • Boosts fertiliser nutrient cycling to increase use efficiency
  • Displaces sodium from the root zone and reduces salt burn
  • Promotes organisms that defend against plant and soil disease