HP Fulvic Acid™


HP Fulvic Acid™ 0-0-0.5-0 boosts the response time by plants to fertiliser applications. 

Fulvic acid is defined as “humic substance”, meaning that it is a major component of organic matter. A component of soil, fulvic acid is released as organic matter decomposes. During the process, millions of beneficial microbes are released, enhancing the healthful components of this substance. 

Fulvic acid is considered one of the most chemically active compounds in soil as it contains a variety of beneficial nutrients. The compound contains an assortment of hormones, fatty acids, ketones, flavonoids and vitamins and minerals. In many western world soils, humic substances are extremely low due to depleted organic matter in the soil. 

Supplementing these soil types with a technical grade fulvic and or humic acid is essential for high production agriculture. 

HP Fulvic Acid™ contains low molecular weight humic substances that improve the chemical reactions that influence plants’ metabolic processes. 

HP Fulvic Acid™ boosts the response time by plants to fertiliser applications. 

Your Results

  • Complexes & dissolves minerals & trace elements
  • Enhances nutrients
  • Promotes quicker seed germination and faster root & shoot growth
  • Catalyses enzyme reactions
  • Increases assimilation
  • Provides a valuable source of carbon for soil micro-organisms
  • Stimulates plant metabolism
  • Offers drought protection due to improved water storage