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Black Urea® 46-0-0-0 helps you cut your input costs to maximise your profit.

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Many fertilisers claim to increase farmer profits by raising growth and crop productivity. Too often, the natural variability of farming can bring promises like this to zero.

We’ve developed a surer way — Black Urea fertilisers help you cut input costs to increase profits.

Black Urea® delivers up to 30% more nutrients to the crop, enabling you to cut the amount of Black Urea® you apply by up to one-third with no change to crop output or quality.

In some circumstances you can increase crop yields, but more usually farmers using Black Urea® choose to focus on reducing input costs. Thousands of tonnes are used by growers right now, so we know it works.

Patent No. 2003238563

Black Urea® is a registered trademark of EcoCatalysts Pty Ltd

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  • Improves nitrogen use efficiency
  • Lowers fertiliser wastage and run-off
  • Cuts input costs and maximises ROI
  • Improves yield on low-fertility soils

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