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Providing superior solutions for an array of aquatic species.

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We specialise in creating healthier water and energy efficient aeration systems to provide a superior environment for an array of Aquaculture species. We can help you reduce excess Ammonia, Nitrates, Phosphates and Sludge allowing your species to thrive. Utilising the highest quality American made products manufactured by Keeton Industries who have over 40 years experience in the Aquaculture industry.

Providing Solutions For:

Water Quality

Target the buildup of organic materials and bottom sludge in ponds, reducing odours and suspended solids.

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Growing Conditions

Our product formulation; PondToss, combines the best practice and water conditioning processes in one formula to improve your growing conditions.

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Our Subsurface aeration systems, increases dissolved oxygen levels and improves water quality. They also create the proper conditions to grow and maintain large populations of beneficial microbes.

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