Aeration Systems - Water Quality Improvement

Our subsurface aeration systems are the perfect solution for your pond maintenance and lake management. As a proven technology, subsurface aeration is considered to be the foundation for improving and maintaining proper water quality and clarity in ponds and lakes. Subsurface aeration eliminates stratification, increases dissolved oxygen levels and improves water quality. It also creates the proper conditions to grow and maintain large populations of beneficial microbes.

KR Aeration System

Aeration Benefits:

Combining a range of innovative features the Quiet Line™ and Solaer ™ aerators:

  • Improve dissolved oxygen
  • Reduce bottom sludge
  • Decrease offensive odours
  • Improve water quality
  • Increase fish & aquatic life
  • Enhance water clarity
  • Creates proper conditions to grow & maintain a large population of beneficial microbes


Ideal solution for:

  •  Increasing & maintaining dissolved oxygen
  •  Decreasing electricity costs

Aeration system features:

  • Acoustical sound proof foam
  •  0.37kW gast rocking piston compressor (Quite Line™)
  •  Sound rating - 47dB at 1.5 metres (Quite Line™)
  •  24V brushless DC eco flow compressor (Solaer™)
  •  Programmable timer for automatic on/off functionality
  •  High volume cooling blower
  •  Adjustable manifold for control of airflow
  •  Self-cleaning, non-clogging, duraplate diffusers (no maintenance)
  •  Fish hook resistant diffusers

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