PondToss - Fish, Prawn, Reptile Probiotics

Developed with a specific combination of bacteria for aquaculture. PondTossTM  is designed to boost health, improve immunity, out compete pathogens including vibrio in prawns streptococcus in fish and devour organic waste and sludge. 

Manage Bacterial Biofloc with Consistency:

Beneficial Bacteria vs. Harmful Bacteria

Fish are constantly exposed to bacteria during growout. Using PondToss to manage your biofloc with beneficial bacteria reduces your exposure to opportunistic pathogens. Don't leave your biofloc to chance, use PondToss to dominate your biofloc community and outcompete harmful organisms. 


The Power of Probiotics

Increase Immunity

As probiotic bacteria are consumed they produce compounds that are inhibitory towards pathogens, enhance immune response of fish, and compete with harmful microorganisms for nutrients and habitat.

Increase Health and Survival

Proper application of PondToss creates an immense colony of beneficial and desirable bacteria that dominate the biofloc community and outcompete pathogenic microorganisms through competitive exclusion.

Improve Water Quality

PondToss consumes organic waste and uneaten food before they begin to decay. This prevents accumulation of harmful ammonia, nitrite and nitrates which can become toxic, cause health problems and are also difficult to remove. An additional benefit of this process is increased feed conversion due to recycling of waste products. 


PondToss effectively:

  •  Increases survival rates
  •  Improves feed conversions
  •  Increases growth rates
  •  Reduces sludge
  •  Reduces water exchange
  •  Reduces ammonia
  •  Reduces feed costs

Suitable for:

  •  Fish
  •  Prawns
  •  Reptiles
  •  Hatcheries
  •  Nurseries
  •  Raceways

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