Aeration Systems

Improve water quality and break down organic sludge

Our subsurface aeration systems expose sludge to a large population of anoxic microorganisms which rapidly consume sludge and improves your overall water quality. We offer 230 volt or solar aerator options to suit your needs

Aeration Benefits

SB-1 Solaer

SB-1 Solaer

Combining a range of innovative features, the Quiet Line™ and Solaer™ aerators:

  • Improve dissolved oxygen
  • Reduce bottom sludge
  • Decrease offensive odours
  • Improve water quality
  • Enhance water clarity
  • Creates proper conditions to grow & maintain large populations of beneficial microbes

Quiet Line™ and Solaer™ features:

  • Acoustical sound proof foam
  • 0.37 kW gast rocking piston compressor (Quiet Line™)
  • 24V brushless DC eco flow compressor (Solaer™)
  • Programmable timer for automatic on/off functionality
  • High volume cooling blower
  • Adjustable manifold for control of oxygen
  • Self-cleaning, non-clogging, duraplate™, diffusers (no maintenance)
    KR Quiet Line

    KR Quiet Line

  • Fishhook resistant diffusers

Ideal solution for:

  • Increasing & maintaining dissolved oxygen
  • Decreasing electricity costs
  • Reducing organic sludge

Case Studies