EcoSystem Plus™

EcoSystem Plus™ rapidly lifts  dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in water columns and breaks down organic waste into soluble forms.

This accelerates the biological oxidation-reduction rates of wastewater treatment, and substantially improves water discharge quality while reducing odour-causing concentrations of hydrogen sulphide.


Anerobic digestion is improved  increasing bio-methane yields and quality of bio-solids.

EcoSystem Plus™ contains no hazardous or dangerous parts — it is environmentally harmless.

EcoSystem Plus™ contains no live bacteria improving shelf-life and ease of use. 

It's microbubble technology rapidly increases oxygen availability and transfer, and bio-catalysts release bound-up nutrients to stimulate naturally occurring microorganisms. 

Cost benefits can be substantial. Synergistic improvements to biological processes can cut energy costs from 15-25%

Less H2S directly reduces equipment and asset corrosion, cutting maintenance requirements.

Plus the improvements in odour improves OH&S compliance while reducing the chance of external complaints about noxious odours.

Savings on sludge disposal alone can be many thousands of dollars.

Savings on sludge disposal alone can be many thousands of dollars.

What our customers have to say:

We started using EcoSystem Plus in 2014 as we had H2S build up in our rising sewer main which was pumping into another pump station causing an issue there also. As well as this, we had a lot of odour complaints from residents. EcoSystem Plus significantly reduced the odours with residents stating they no longer have any issues with smell in the area and it also reduced the fat build up in our wells. We do a lot of pumping from pump station to pump station and have found the odours have been greatly improved in each of these as well.  

Another great detail is the metering pump meaning we can turn the dosage rate right down in winter and increase it again in summer when odour becomes a problem. We are extremely happy with the results we have achieved using EcoSystem Plus and continue to use this product to maintain these great conditions in our pump stations. – C Phillips, North East Water 

EcoSystem Plus™ powerfully and effectively:

  • Oxygen transfer
  • Methane yields from anaerobic digestion
  • Aeration energy consumption
  • Reduces solids and sludge volumes

Major industrial uses:

  • Wastewater treatment and clarification
  • Agriculture and food processing plants
  • Bio-film eradication and odour control

In-the-field results

  • Energy costs down 15% to 30%
  • Sludge volumes 10% to 25% lower
  • H2S concentrations below 2ppm

Method of application:

  • Operators can inject EcoSystem Plus™ directly into water bodies, aeration devices, and sludge lines, as it is a highly concentrated composition.
  • Aeration systems
  • Sludge feed lines
  • Chemical injection pumps