Bio Remediation

EcoCatalysts can offer bio-remediation solutions for Hydrocarbon contamination and Agricultural contamination.


Our Solution:

We use bio-catalysts to breakdown the contaminants and stimulate microbiology to consume the contaminants. The end result of this process is breaking these contaminants down into nonhazardous components.

What makes us different?

  • Practical and cost saving
  • We do this process in-situ
  • We can remediate soil, air, water and salt water
  • Our product is safe with all aquatic life
  • We are remediating odours as opposed to masking them

Your Results:

  • Fast Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon and BTEX remediation for soil at a rate of 5% per day
  • Immediate suppression of VOCs and other organic odour
  • Rapidly raise a flashpoint and lower explosion limit for confined space activity
  • Non hazardous to marine life. Cleans rocks and beaches.
  • Recirculation oxidation systems treat contaminated groundwater, streams and ponds

Industries this is suitable for:

  • Transportation
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Agriculture


OH&S statement:

Our solution will assist your OH&S risk by

  • Reducing cancer causing agents
  • Reducing explosion and fire hazards