The buildup of sludge in lagoons, ponds and wastewater treatment plants contributes negatively to the overall water quality. Sludge buildup unnecessarily takes up valuable space in your dam, creates offensive odours, can be extremely costly to remove and supports pathogen activity


Our Solution:

Through the use of aerators with microbubble technology we cause the sludge to be aerobic and in turn eliminate the offensive odours. The act of aeration exposes the sludge buildup to a very high population of anoxic microorganisms which rapidly consume this layer of sludge and improve the water quality. Combining this aeration process with our products EcoSystem Plus TM and/or Waste and Sludge Reducer, enhances the breakdown of the accumulated organic sludge.

What makes us different?

  • In-situ solution
  • Beneficial microbes
  • Bio-catalysts for oxygen transfer
  • American made
  • High efficiency aeration

Your Results

  • Increased dissolved oxygen
  • Elimination of organic sludge
  • Improved water quality
  • Avoid the need to dig and dump
  • Increased pond/lake capacity

Industries this is suitable for

  • Aquaculture
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Lagoons and Ponds


OH&S statement

Our solution will assist your OH&S risk by

  • Removing the need for heavy machinery
  • Reducing harmful pathogens