Hassle Free, Chemical Free, Power Free Iron Removal

If you have ever had high iron in your water you know the real issues it causes on a number of levels.  The general discolour of clothes, bathroom amenities, effect on drinking water and the build-up in pipes that eventually can block, are all issues you should not have to put up with in the year 2016.

Filtration systems are the typical answer to iron in water, but generally these need power, have continual maintenance often with many breakdowns and rely on the addition of chemicals to remove the iron.   Many situations where iron is present, harsh chemicals are not an option and neither are the resources required for continual maintenance and for some, the access to have consistent electricity supply is not a possibility.

Finally there is a hassle free, chemical free, electricity and operator free, water filtration system that will remove 100% of the iron in water with no running costs.



Iron removal

20KL per day

Iron Removal

Up to 2.4ML per day





Because of a unique automatic filtration technology the system runs simply off the pressure of the water system it is filtering.  Then via a backwashing and discharge cycle the iron is flushed from the filtering system to a simple pit within a matter of minutes and the filtering process begins again.

Peter Kirchmann from the Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council is just one happy customer of the Ecofinity Filter, “We have been using the Ecofinity Iron Removal Filter for six months now with great success. All of our regular water testing results have come back with an iron reading of less than 0.1.We couldn’t be happier with these results” Peter said.

“It’s great such technology can assist such remote communities but also has the flexibility to assist in filtration in a city”. We are all about creating solutions for our customers and the Ecofinity filter is the most efficient, effective solution for what is for many, a major issue”, Mr Murdoch-Brown said.

Overall the Ecofinity filters seem to be an obvious choice in iron removal.  To find out if this is a solution that could work for you call 1800 207 009.